Ringtone Playlists – Hey somebody buy these…please?

Apple has put together some collections of Ringtones to try and spark interest in them. The collections are Ringtones for a variety of subjects, ranging from Country and Folk Music to Rock and even spoken word. Of course, what they really seem to be missing, for me anyway, are Ringtones I would actually want – […]

Apple still wants to charge for iTunes Plus upgrades

I clicked on the iTunes Plus box this morning to check out some of the new music that’s available from those Indy labels Apple reported they were adding. I didn’t get that far though, because I was immediately met with a large ad to “Upgrade My Library”. It turns out I have 8 tracks that […]

Apple quietly announces iTunes Plus Price Drop

How does a company quietly announce something? Well, yesterday afternoon articles from Macworld appeared on Yahoo claiming that Apple has dropped the price of its iTunes Plus songs from $1.29 to $.99 cents. The songs will remain at the 256kbps AAC format, and on top of all of that, over 2 million songs from independent […]