Free in iTunes – Mythbusters Full Episode

Mythbusters has been one of favorite shows for the last few years. If you’ve never checked it out, now you have the chance to do so for free. In each episode the Mythbusters tackle a variety of “myths” ranging from ancient legends to Hollywood stunts, and determine whether or not they could actually happen. While […]

Ringtone Playlists – Hey somebody buy these…please?

Apple has put together some collections of Ringtones to try and spark interest in them. The collections are Ringtones for a variety of subjects, ranging from Country and Folk Music to Rock and even spoken word. Of course, what they really seem to be missing, for me anyway, are Ringtones I would actually want – […]

Apple still wants to charge for iTunes Plus upgrades

I clicked on the iTunes Plus box this morning to check out some of the new music that’s available from those Indy labels Apple reported they were adding. I didn’t get that far though, because I was immediately met with a large ad to “Upgrade My Library”. It turns out I have 8 tracks that […]