Ringtone Playlists – Hey somebody buy these…please?

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Apple has put together some collections of Ringtones to try and spark interest in them. The collections are Ringtones for a variety of subjects, ranging from Country and Folk Music to Rock and even spoken word. Of course, what they really seem to be missing, for me anyway, are Ringtones I would actually want – like the theme to The Office or Doctor Who (the current one, not the older versions)…but even then, I’m not likely to drop $1.99 on it.

Am I the only one who thinks Apple is probably having a hard time selling these things?

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4 thoughts on “Ringtone Playlists – Hey somebody buy these…please?

  1. Not for nothing, but I can’t stand being subjected to the likes of “50 cent” or “J Lo” every time a coworker’s phone rings. I hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Why can’t you people have a normal ring tone? A normal, not-annoying-to-the-rest-of-us ring tone?

    Besides, I think the whole concept of selling ring tones is crazy. I can’t believe anyone actualy spends money on it. I mean, it sounds to me that it should be something you can just do for free. If you are spending money on ring tones, then you are a sucker and the man has you!

  2. Of course, you can always use a tool like FoneLink to create ringtones for your own (DRM-free) music 😉


    Jan Fuellemann

  3. I hope that Apple doesn’t sell any ringtones so that they’ll unlock this capability for us. If they don’t do it before they release the iPhone software developmet kit next year, it’ll be added by third-parties anyway. What a stupid and moronic thing to do. It especially bothers me as 99.9% of my huge music collection I personally ripped from my own CDs. I should be able to listen to them as I see fit.

    As to the histrionic reaction by some folks who don’t like customized ringtones, I just don’t get what the problem is. We’re subjected to all kinds of sounds during the day including many forms of music, especially when out in the retail environment. Is it not possible to just filter it out like we do with thousands of other noises??

  4. I agree that the ability to create our own custom ringtones is worthwhile, but it should be free. The fact that Apple is charging for this ability is ridiculous, especially when they only allow it for 1) music purchased directly from the iTunes store, and 2) only for selected tracks.

    The creation of the ringtone is done locally (on your computer) anyway, and with music you ALREADY OWN! I’m not advocating piracy, but if the music is rightfully yours, then you shouldn’t have to pay extra to change the format from one type to another (i.e. “MP3” to “M4V”). This feature should be available on every track in your library. Either that, or the iPhone (or any other phone) software should be updated to allow you to just use the MP3 file as a ringtone in its native format. Most phones now have the ability to play the things anyway.

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