Apple updates iTunes with 7.6.1 promises .99 cent movie rentals

Apple released a minor update on Thursday to iTunes. The 7.6.1 update fixes a few minor bugs, and improves compatibility between Apple TV 2.0 and iTunes. Apple has also informed subscribers to its newsletter that it will be offering one rental movie at .99 cents each week. The first film available at this discounted rate […]

Linkin Park plays Apple SoHo store

Mike Shindoa on the band “Linkin Park” hinted on his blog this week that the band was playing a super secret event for Apple – which, of course, the internet turned into, “Linkin Park playing at Apple Special Event – I wonder what new products will be announced there” – but that wasn’t the case […]

DVD John ‘frees’ iTunes DRM…or does he?

TUAW reports that DVD John has “broken free” of iTunes DRM using an “unusual analog hole”…but after hearing what it is, it doesn’t sound that unusual at all. The software plays back iTunes DRMed tracks in fast forward then records them. That’s all well and good, but its no different than burning your iTunes music […]

Apple issue tips to Podcasters for AppleTV performance

If you’re a podcaster, or thinking about becoming a podcaster, Apple has issued a series of tips for improving performance of podcasts on Apple TV. If you’ve used the AppleTV for watching podcasts its clear that some shows load more efficiently than others, but I hope that, over time, a standard is developed that produces […]

Apple and Fox team up to offer ‘American Idol’ performances on iTunes

Apple announced today that it has partnered with Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Interactive Media, 19 Entertainment, and FremantleMedia to allow customers to purchase performances from the Top 24 contestants on the hit series ‘American Idol’. Music performances will be available for .99 cents a song, and viewers will be able to purchase the full video […]

Wal-Mart exec, Kevin Swint, headed for Apple

One of the primary executives responsible for Wal-Mart’s recent, unsuccessful, push into the world of digital downloads has left the mega-retailer to help Apple grow its iTunes business internationally. Kevin Swint, former divisional manager for digital media at Wal-Mart stores, joins Apple this week in the role of general manager of international video for iTunes. […]

How the iTunes Rental model has to change to succeed

With Apple’s delay of the AppleTV update, I’m stuck watching this copy of “The Simpsons Movie” on my wife’s iPhone if I want to actually watch the thing. This experience with the iTunes rental process has made it very clear to me that if Apple is going to succeed with this they’re going to have […]