SPECULATION: Netflix and HD coming to iTunes 7.1?

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itunes_logo.jpgThere were rumors abound before Macworld that Apple was going to partner with Netflix to deliver downloadable movie rentals from iTunes.  We heard no such announcement at Macworld.

Today, however, Netlflix did launch a new “instant watch” service that allows members of Netflix to watch select titles instantly.  It’s Windows only, and will be slowly released to all customers over the next 6 months.

This is huge deal for Netflix subscribers…well, Windows users who are Netflix subscribers  anyway…

We know that a new version of iTunes is coming before AppleTV ships in Feb. – Will it just be a small update allowing the AppleTV to connect to the iTunes store…or will it be something more?

There may be no validity to the Netflix rumor…but if their was, it would make sense that Apple wouldn’t have announced it at Macworld.  Why?  Because a partnership like that being announced could have easily shifted focus away from the iPhone…and it was very clear by the tone and structure of the Keynote, that the iPhone was really supposed to be the focus of this year’s event.

My guess is that the Netflix rumor may still hold water, and that is could be part of the new iTunes update.

Another thing that still strikes me as odd is that the AppleTV is meant exclusively for HD Televisions…I mean, the thing doesn’t even have RCA connectors…and yet there is no HD content available for you to download on iTunes.
I just don’t see Apple releasing an HD focused device with no HD content to download at launch.  I’m speculating – and that’s all it is…pure speculation – that we’ll see HD downloads in iTunes 7.1 just in time for AppleTV to arrive on your doorstep.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “SPECULATION: Netflix and HD coming to iTunes 7.1?

  1. I doubt the Netflix deal would ever go through, seeing as that just yesterday they announced that they are beta testing a streaming movie option for some of it’s customers.

    “Renting” movies from the iTunes Store just doesn’t seem feasible given that Fairplay doesn’t have expiration dates on the files that you download (like Windows Media’s option).

  2. @ Michael: only the yellow connector is composite video, the white and red are for audio.

    I’m surprised that only 1080i will be supported, not 1080p.

  3. shYm0n, Michael: There’s no reason you both can’t be right! RCA Connectors are infact the kind of plug, and have nothing directly to do with tv, audio, or anything else, they’re a plug. It just so happens that the RCA Connections on tha Apple TV contain a component video stream.

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