iPod Nano To Get Camera Again

Now that April Fools is over and everyone has had a break from fake rumors over the weekend, it’s time for something with a little more substance. A leaked shell of the 7th generation iPod Nano shows an opening for a camera but the question is “how can Apple keep cramming more electronics in to […]

The Typography Of Apple – Typeface Design From 1984 To Today (Infographic)

Since the Mac’s inception typography has played a monumental role at Apple. Designing the first digital typefaces for the Mac was influenced by the analog world and later sparked a war between Adobe. The progress made at Apple in developing typefaces has formed digital typography into it what it is today. The info graphic I […]

Closer To An iPod Nano Jailbreak: How To Enable DFU Mode

Putting an iOS device in to DFU mode is one of the fundamental steps to jailbreaking. An enterprising user has found out enable DFU mode on the iPod Nano. News about Jailbreaking the iPod Nano have ramped up as a developer named James Whelton found a way to modify the device’s springboard to remove an […]

Jailbreak Detector No Longer Present In iOS 4.2

As developers find holes and exploits to Jailbreak and unlock iOS devices, Apple has been vigilant on developing countermeasures to these exploits by implementing tougher security measures in each OS revision. However, Apple may be relenting a bit as the API used to detect if iOS was compromised is no longer available in the latest […]

iOS 4.3 Coming Mid December With Newscorp’s iPad “Newspaper?”

Rumors are stirring that Apple is already developing iOS 4.3 for a mid-December launch and will include an iPad exclusive “newspaper.” While Apple just released iOS 4.2 for the iPad, it’s already working on version 4.3 which will include an iPad exclusive newspaper which will be formatted for a tablet reading environment and will be […]