You Tube Find: Introducing the iPod Nano

So, everyone is pretty confident that we’re getting a refreshed iPod nano on Wed. In fact, if you look around, I’m sure you can find a photoshopped image on all the major tech blogs of what it might look like. But, instead of reposting that and spreading the rumor around further, I thought you might be interested in how the Nano was first introduced in 2005…and thanks to the magic of You Tube, we can do just that…



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  1. ^ I laughed at that part to, because he did know, just couldn’t say anything.

    I’m really interested in the new nanos, I’ve seen more mockups and I love the new design, at first I expected a short iPod Video, but I forgot nanos are small and thin, and in certain mockups its quite the beauty.

  2. I’ve watched that video several times in the past year. I’ve also watched a load of other iPod/Mac related videos.