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Writing is a must-have skill if you want to be a successful professional. No matter what your job is – author at coursework writing service or SMM specialist, writing is essential. This is usually in the form of reports or documentation about any plans or strategies. It is a smart idea to improve your writing skills.

Many people are not able to afford private tutoring or take special classes. They can still learn new skills by using other methods. The best way to improve your skills is by using free Android apps. There are many apps that can help you rewrite, summarize, and even correct grammatical errors. You can improve your writing by simply observing the app’s changes.

This article will cover three types of apps, and how to use them to enhance your skills.

1. Article Rewriter App

Article rewriting involves the use of synonyms and similar phrases and changing the sentence structure in most articles. You get a piece that sounds and looks different than the original, but still has the same meaning.

Many apps can perform article editing on Android. The best apps have more features than others. An article rewriter app is capable of rewriting the text in many ways.

This allows users to practice expressing the same ideas with different words. You can also use an online article editor to write.

The majority of article rewriting apps on the Google Play Store can be downloaded for free. This means that anyone who wants to improve their writing does not have to spend money.

Article spinners are another name for article rewriting apps. Don’t get confused when searching for them. You can use these apps for your learning, even though some results might say article spinner.

2. Grammar Checking App

Grammar checkers are another useful app to improve writing skills. Writing is difficult without good grammar.

The sentence’s meaning can change if the word order is not correct. It can also become nonsensical.

Take, for example: “I will eat the tomato.” and “And the tomato is going to eat I.”

The correct version of the first sentence conveys that someone will eat tomatoes. The second sentence uses the same words but in the wrong order. Correct punctuation and spelling are crucial to conveying the correct message. A simple mistake like missing a comma could make all the difference. 

People can use grammar checkers to examine their writing and find out what they are doing wrong.

3. Text Summarizing Apps

Writing is more than just using complicated vocabulary and verbose sentences. It’s about communicating effectively. Writing is about communicating your thoughts to others. Summarizing is one way to do that.

Text summarizing is basically taking the main idea/argument from a write-up, and explaining it as concisely as you can. This is a great way to test your comprehension skills. Because only by understanding the text properly will you be able to extract its core points.

Summarizing apps can be a great way to see if your summary is accurate. The app allows them to compare their work and, in turn, passively improve their comprehensive writing skills.


Writing is an essential skill for everyone, says IBuyEssay Blog. This can be in the form of applications, reports, or presentations. It makes sense that all these documents should be read by another person (typically a superior).

Apps that help with writing can ensure that people are proficient in their writing. These apps can help improve their writing skills and also teach them how to write correctly.


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