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The Definitive Virtual Data Room Comparison Guide for Your Business Needs

If you work with sensitive information, you may need a way to protect it. Virtual data rooms are useful options for personal storage and sharing. Learning about these resources can help you incorporate them into your business. In this article, we talk about what data rooms are, why they are important, and the various advantages of data rooms and we will compare virtual data rooms.

Today, companies of all sizes are turning to data room software. That’s because virtual data rooms take business communication and decision-making to a whole new level. With data room software, you can access business documents 24/7 from any location and from any device. Learn more about virtual data room comparisons in this guide.

What Is a Data Room?

A data room is a secure digital or physical location where businesses store sensitive documents and materials. They can be used by organizations handling sensitive information or customer data. They can grant access to a certain number of people inside and outside the company. For example, a law firm might allow only senior lawyers to enter its data room.

Types of situations in which data rooms help businesses include:

  • companies undergo mergers and acquisitions;
  • organizations are engaged in fundraising;
  • private corporations make initial public offerings to investors;
  • companies collaborate with other companies;
  • organizations audit businesses;
  • companies manage intellectual property.

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Why Are Data Rooms Important?

Some organizations work with very sensitive data, such as medical information, financial records or trade secrets. Here are some additional benefits of the best data rooms:

  • Systematizes information: in the process of securing data, organizations often maintain a system that helps them keep track of who accesses them. This can make it easier to navigate information.
  • Helps build customer trust: customers who share their personal information with companies rely on them to keep it secure. When companies use data rooms, customers can appreciate the organization’s efforts and continue to work with them.
  • Makes procedures more efficient: to maintain the data room, organizations use procedures to store, label and interact with materials. When employees learn these procedures, it can help improve overall efficiency as employees add and remove information from the data room.
  • Speeds up transactions: for digital data rooms, in particular, organizations can improve their skills in sending and receiving documents. Because they are all in one place and carefully labeled, it can be easier to find and share certain files.
  • Improves professional relationships: just like customers, organizations that work with other organizations depend on each other to keep their business transactions secure. By using data rooms, everyone can maintain each other’s trust and communicate effectively.

Data rooms are a valuable resource for keeping these materials confidential. They protect organizations from risk and provide tools to share information securely.

Data Rooms Comparison

Choosing the best virtual data room services is the most challenging aspect, especially when there are multiple vendors on the market. Below is a comprehensive overview of some of the leading online data room vendors that will help you analyze what features each service provides, and more.

Key Features of iDeals

  • Drag-n-Drop functionality
  • Wide range of customizable and collaborative tools
  • Mass uploading capability
  • Multilingual interface

Key features of IntraLinks

  • Analytical tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Drag & drop feature
  • Auto-complete function
  • Multilingual support

Key Features of Ansarada

  • You can easily integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Strong reporting functionality
  • Collaborative capabilities
  • Management, risk and compliance features

Key functionalities that users want to see in the virtual data room providers

  • Ease of uploading files to the system and sorting them into folders
  • Clear functionality for downloading documents and viewing them in the system
  • Creation of joint working areas and assignment of different-level roles for the participants
  • Differentiation of access rights to the documents and limitation of a number of actions with the documents (for example, prohibition to print or download from the space)
  • Ability to share files and folders with colleagues or counterparties by means of generated links with setting various restrictions (for example, link expiration dates)
  • User-friendly interface

For information security managers, the security of such virtual environments is also important. They also need a toolkit that enables them to moderate user activities within the system and offload activity logs.

By gaining access to the virtual data room software, the parties get the most comfortable conditions for efficient, regular and structured work. A person working here, thanks to the online data room software saves substantial funds as well as time. In addition, staying in a virtual data room, where there is a secure exchange of information with the server, the user feels much more comfortable.

It should be noted that at all stages of the document process, a person’s familiarity with the documents is fully protected. Moreover, the authorized person may have access only to the data the system administrator defined for him/her and no other data. This allows the administrator to track all of the actions a user takes when working with documents and to make corrections, if necessary.

In turn, users’ confidential documents are protected by special software against hacking, browsing, viruses, and accidental destruction, which allows the customers of such rooms to feel completely safe.


A large number of organizations optimize their business processes through the use of virtual data room environments in which they store documents and securely exchange files with employees and counterparties. Such storage, in addition, allows the differentiation of rights of the participants and the establishment of different levels of access to the documents. Currently, there are a significant number of companies on the market offering electronic data room services.


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