Star Trek Voyager Now in iTunes

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voyager.jpgFor some reason they went from Star Trek TOS to Star Trek Enterprise, and now Star Trek Voyager – at this rate we’ll get Deep Space Nine next, and Next Generation last…but there is more Trek in iTunes now.

There is something else curious about this addition to iTunes, however.  There are only 16 episodes listed.  The order says “Season 1” not “Season 1 – part one”, but there are only 16 episodes available for download, at a price of $30.99.  That price is extremely low for Star Trek seasons, so I am wondering if this is only for these 16 episodes, or if we simply have to wait for the other 10 or so episodes from season 1 to come online…

Either way, you can check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “Star Trek Voyager Now in iTunes

  1. David is correct. According to the website Voyager had a 16 episode season 1, while seasons 2 through 7 all had 26 episodes.

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