Recovery iOS Issue without Data Loss! TunesKit iOS System Recovery Review

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allows one to resolve typical software glitches that iOS users encounter worldwide, like white Apple logs, black screens, and iPhone recovery mode. Therefore with this recovery toolkit, one can quickly fix any common iOS issues without seeking the help of a technician. Also, the software is very user-friendly with an easy interface, and therefore it is easy for one to fix the problem by themselves without the help of a technician.

Also, it is very affordable to fix the problem using this software since there is no service fee, and it is effective and efficient in that you will not worry about delays. Tuneskit iOS system recovery software is very powerful in that it helps you recover from even the most server problems like iPhone updates failure and data corruption. The best thing about this software is that it is available for the two commonly used operating systems worldwide: Mac and Windows. Also, if updating your iOS device starts behaving abnormally, you can use the software to downgrade it to the prior version. If you are encountering issues while using iTunes, you can use this software to restore and backup your device data. Furthermore, when your iOS device gets stuck in the recovery mode, you can use Tuneskit iOS system recovery to resolve to get out of recovery mode with a single touch.

Features of Tuneskit iOS system recovery

  • It has an intuitive interface

The software has been well organized, making it simple to navigate through the main interface, thus making it easy to choose the right solution for the problem you are encountering. Also, you don’t need to be an expert to use iOS System Recovery because it is easy to use

  • Compatible with all the version

When downloading and installing, it is compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems. It does not require a supercomputer to function since, with a minimum of 200 MB of hard disk and 256 MB RAM, the software will work well without experiencing any technical issues. Also, with the advanced technology and many advancements being introduced, you will find that some software could not work in the previous versions because of compatibility issues, but with Tuneskit iOS System Recovery, you can use it on the outdated versions of windows like the windows XP and the iOS 7.

  • Easy procedure

The repairing process is very simple and does not require an expert. The device could be recovered with only three straightforward steps; all you have to do is choose the appropriate one that suits your issue, then download the firmware file, and you are set to resolve your issue.

  • It has both standard and advanced mode

The standard mode helps one repair typical issues without losing data like the iPhone stuck in the recovery mode while the advanced mode is used to repair the complex problems but will erase all data from your device.

Fix iOS System Problems with Tuneskit iOS system recovery

In most cases, you will be required to use the standard mode, especially if you do not want to lose data and repair minor issues like iPhone stuck on recovery mode and iPhone loop on starting. Therefore the below procedure outlines how to go about this.

First, launch the Tuneskit iOS system recovery on your Mac computer and then connect the device and select repair mode. Once it has been detected, click on start to be directed to the next window; select standard mode as the mode of repair.

You must manually put your device into DFU mode in the new window, but the procedure is simple; follow it and click next.

In the next step, you will be required to download the latest firmware package to recover the iOS to normal.

Therefore, you should confirm that the firmware you are downloading is correct for your device and then proceed with downloading.

Once the firmware is done downloading, the repair button will appear automatically; click it then the repairing process will begin. It will take a few minutes, and then you will be done but ensure you stay connected thought the entire process to avoid unexpected errors.

Pros and cons of Tuneskit iOS system recovery


  • It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • User friendly, and a beginner can operate it.
  • Solve numerous problems on the Apple devices
  • It allows one to restore their device without losing data.


  • When selecting the free version, you are only limited to some features.

In conclusion, is complex yet simple to use software that helps resolve the common software-related issue to iOS devices. The most beneficial aspect of this software that has made it loved by the majority is that it does not require any level of expertise to operate.


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