React vs React Native: The Main Characteristics And Difference

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Most people who start learning React start wondering, what is the difference between React and React Native? It is quite difficult to find a detailed and structured answer on the Internet. In this article, we will find out what is the main difference.




Let’s start with the simplest, namely the definition. React is a dedicated JavaScript library that aims to help build user interfaces and web applications.


React Native


By the definition of React Native, it is already possible to identify key differentiating points between these two concepts. React Native is more of a mobile framework with which you can build mobile apps on your own for a large number of platforms. It can be iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile.


That is, the main difference is that React-Native is an Android and iOS app development platform that shares 80%-90% Javascript code. React is a Javascript library for developing web applications.


If you need help with the implementation of projects, then you can always react native developers for hire.

Top reasons why many people switch from React to React Native


The very first reason to move from React to React Native is to try new UX. The difference between it for mobile applications and web resources is cardinal. The new UX is more comfortable and familiar to most users. According to statistics, in most cases, users choose applications for ordering rather than web resources. Someone generally prefers to avoid the web version.


Millions of smartphones are bought every day. This only indicates that the number of users who will use the applications is increasing. Therefore, this is another reason to switch from React to React Native.


Many people think that to develop applications for Android or IOS, you need to know in detail all the features of these operating systems. This is not entirely true. The benefit of React Native, and another reason to switch, is that you can easily get started with development without getting too deep into the details.


Benefits of React


1. Easy to create web applications


If we compare both HTML and React, then it is obvious that with the help of the second, the development will be very simple and accessible to everyone. In the first option, you need to resort to complex coding and a huge amount of knowledge, while with React you can code without any inconvenience.


2. Component reuse


With the ability to reuse components, you can greatly facilitate the development process. Thus, the entire process of creating and maintaining applications will become much easier.


3. High performance


Many are familiar with the concept of DOM programming. When working with React, all the components you write will be turned into a virtual DOM, which will improve performance.


Benefits of React Native


1. Instant updates


One of the main and cool benefits of React Native is having a live reload. That is, when you make any changes in the application code, they are automatically changed during the development process. This way you can immediately see your changes on the screen.


2. High performance


Both when working with React and when working with React Native, you get high performance. Most developers are completely satisfied with the performance when creating mobile applications. This is all done in the light of GPU usage.


3. Possibility of saving


Here you can also reuse components of your code. In this way, you can significantly save time and money that you could spend on creating an application from scratch.


Summing up, it’s safe to say that React Native and React are completely different, but they have good performance and ease of use in common. And if you decide to create your product, then you can turn to the hybrid app development company for help.


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