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Retire in Spain

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Many people start to plan where they will retire early in advance. They want to enjoy their years after work in a perfect location. Some of the factors that future retirees consider are climate, affordability, lifestyle, culture, and other preferences.

Spain is one of the perfect retirement destinations. Actually, some UK and US retirees choose this country because it offers them a lot in terms of culture, art, climate, security, transportation, and healthcare. You can easily obtain your Spain retirement visa even though the UK is no longer a member of the EU or as any other foreigner.

Here are some of the best places to spend your golden years.

Top 5 Places to Retire in Spain

These destinations are the best places in Spain to retire based on the climate, cost of living, healthcare, safety, transport, culture, and scenery.

1.    Javea (Xabia)

Are you looking for a cool climate? Many Brits and ex-pat groups prefer this exclusive coastal town because of its excellent all-year-round weather, safety, different kinds of properties, and ex-pat supermarkets. Therefore the gem of the city is counted among the healthiest places to stay.

2.    Malaga City

This oldest European city is rich in history. Malaga City is situated in Sunny Southern Spain and offers adequate sunshine, gorgeous scenery, lively art scenes, lovely beaches, and annual festivals. Based on your budget and preferences, you may live in popular neighborhoods such as the historic city center or old town, the trendy Soho area, which has many vibrant street art communities, or La Merced, which offers you street performers, and a lively food market.

3.    Marbella

Southern Spain offers retirees exceptional quality of life, thus one of the favorite places for retirees to live in Europe. The city has a temperate climate which the Mediterranean influences. Therefore its winters are never cold nor summers extremely hot. Further, the once sleepy fisherman’s village houses some of the world’s oil magnates, pop stars, actors, and football players. From that, Marbella has well-maintained and clean beaches that cater to everyone’s tastes.

4.    Torrevieja

The Alicante province town is popular among retirees because of its climate. Actually, Torrevieja is known as the sunniest city located on Costa Blanca’s white shores. The town is real natural wealth, and its salty pink lagoons are beautiful and have healing properties. Therefore the destination is highly recommended for any person with respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders or allergies.

5.    Mallorca Island

Are you tired of city life? If so, Mallorca Island is the place to pick when you retire. The destination offers you a perfect climate and a peaceful environment to relax. On Mallorca Island, a retiree will enjoy beautiful scenery, a lively real estate market, an excellent shopping scene, amazing nightlife, and sandy beaches.

How to Become a Resident

Now that you have picked the best destinations, the next step is to gather information about your Spanish visa. If you’re a Briton, you must go through the same process as an American or any other non-citizen of the EU because the UK separated itself from the region. The good news is that law firms such as My Spanish Visa specialize in offering retirees all the facilities they need to come to the country. These experts will also help you choose between owning a home and renting one as you study the local property market.

Do you want to live in Spain? Pick a perfect location and get guidance from the best immigration visa experts.

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