OG AppleTV Gets the Shaft

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When the new AppleTV was announced, I was pretty excited – obviously – but then I started to wonder about what this meant for my original AppleTV that was housed in the living room. The UI looks the same on the new version with just a few changes, so wouldn’t it make sense that there would be an update to the older model? Apparently, not so much. Via Ars Technica:

We confirmed with an Apple spokesperson that the maximum HD resolution of the Apple TV is 720p, consistent with recent rumors. Additionally, there will be no software update to bring the new features to older Apple TVs. Older Apple TVs will continue to work as they have been working up to this point, and they will continue to be able to purchase movies and TV shows even though the new Apple TV is rental-only.

Well ain’t that a kick in the taint. Ultimately, the only difference for me with the new AppleTV is the Netflix streaming. I didn’t use the onboard storage on my old AppleTV anyways, so that’s no big loss. But the Netflix thing sure would’ve been nice to have. I guess all of those “dedicated” AppleTV fans don’t really mean much to Apple, huh?

via MacRumors and Ars Technica

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3 thoughts on “OG AppleTV Gets the Shaft

  1. just pop a Broadcom Crystal HD card into your old (hacked) ATV and boom – 1080p video (but no more wifi)
    Ok you need to play the files through XBMC on the ATV, but the addition of the card (£20) does make the old ATV more useful than the new one (arguably). Unless Netflix (not available in the UK) or Airtime is the deal-maker for you.

  2. it is very disappointing but not unexpected…the hardware is very different

    The Pentium M processor that is in the current model TV may not be able to handle the streaming from the Internet of 720p video

    I love my two TV’s but it’s apparent that there needs to be some sort of difference in them and for only $99 why not get another one and move the old one to a deserving area or family member

    sounds good to me…and that means that existing TV’s will be come very cheap on ebay or craigslist

  3. I have the original Apple TV.
    This does not surprise me. If Apple plans to add Apps, they will need the new processor.
    I’ve gotten my money’s worth from the original and have already ordered the new Apple TV.

    Great Move Apple!

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