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WhatsApp has grown to become the most preferred communication channel for businesses.  The messaging app is convenient, fast and allows users to send personalized at no cost. Therefore companies can bring their real-life shop experience to their online customers. As you explore the possibilities of using WhatsApp Business on multiple devices, it’s also worth considering the legal aspects of your venture, such as setting up an LLC in Texas, to ensure your business is compliant with local regulations.

The standard GB WhatsApp Business app has some limitations thus not ideal for businesses that want to use it to market to their customers.  For instance, up to 4 users are allowed to use the application allows simultaneously.  Companies that receive tons of inbound messages need a platform with multiple users.

WhatsApp Business is the solution brands, and their marketers have been looking for.  The article will tell you how to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users on different devices.

WhatsApp Business, the App for larger Businesses

Initially, the WhatsApp Business app was designed for new or small businesses because it was thought that such companies would only receive fewer incoming messages.  However, companies began using WhatsApp as a marketing and customer service tool, thus creating the need for multiple users and devices.

In fact, before September 2021, fewer people could access the app and only on two devices.  This limitation was a huge hindrance to growth in big enterprises.  Thanks to the new beta program, today, teams can use the WhatsApp business on five devices together with one phone.  That means you can’t access this application on two phones.

The platform introduced WhatsApp Business API to assist larger companies that use WhatsApp in their marketing activities and require over 4 users to respond to messages.  WhatsApp Business API was designed for larger companies to enable multiple users to log into a WhatsApp Business account on various devices simultaneously.

But businesses must integrate the API into the business software using a third-party solution provider.  After that, users can use WhatsApp Business API to perform the following tasks.

  • Assign messages to different colleagues in order to serve more customers and still have internal discussions.
  • Gain valuable insights by monitoring the volume of conversations, frequently asked questions, closing times, etc.
  • Automate conversations by sending auto-replies, creating rules, and deploying chatbots.

With the WhatsApp API, a customer has 24 hours to respond to their customers’ questions.  After that, a marketer can only reply using templated messages approved by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business with Multiples Users Using the App

You can use multiple users or devices to access WhatsApp Business.  However, you join the new beta program to do that.  Here is a simple step of joining beta within a few minutes.

Go to WhatsApp Business app > more options > linked devices > multiple-device beta > join beta

WhatsApp Business with Multiples Users Using the API

You need a customer service platform to use API because it doesn’t come with its own interface.  Therefore you use a third-party service to get it.

Create an account > Connect WhatsApp Business number > apply to use WhatsApp Business API

How to Add Users

It’s easy to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users using third-party services.  You can also assign them specific roles or rights.  These are also known as staff permissions and are in different categories such as:

Account admin: The staff manages conversations, invites colleagues, and checks the statistics.

Supervisor: The staff manages conversations and views the conversation history.

User: The staff responds only to assigned messages.

Light User: The staff assigns conversations but can’t answer them.


You can upgrade to WhatsApp Business API to access advanced features as well as reinforce your marketing and customer service efforts.  There are several third-party solution providers that you can use to integrate the API into the WhatsApp business software.

Many businesses that have completed the integration have reported tremendous improvements.  Please share with us your experience with WhatsApp Business API.

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