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4 Best iOS Development Courses Online

development courses online

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The iOS development market has seen an upward trend. Millions of apps are being uploaded to the App Store, and there are billions of downloads. Moreover, Swift has become the most preferred programming language for iOS developers.

One of the benefits of iOS development is the ease of learning Swift. Besides, there is an increase in demand for iOS developers, so you are likely to make more money with this career path.

The opportunities are widespread. You can work as a freelance developer or even become the go-to point for students searching “write my research paper for me” online to get support with their iOS projects at a fee. It may be challenging to point out how to kick off your iOS development journey as a beginner. Here are some of the recommended iOS development courses by experts to launch your journey.

The Complete iOS & Swift 3 Developer Course – Udemy

If you want to learn how to build iOS 10 apps, the Udemy course is perfect for you. The course features classes that will train you to build 21 applications using Swift 3.

Through the training, you will access over 1000 graphical elements you can use for practice and app design:

  • buttons;
  • icons;
  • backgrounds, etc.

You also get to enjoy free web hosting running for a whole year. The incentive will be resourceful as you do not have to buy additional hosting, especially for applications with online storage needs.

Through the course’s Q&A section, you can get the necessary technical assistance to resolve some issues while practicing.

Introduction to Programming in Swift 5 – Coursera

This is a good option if you have no prior experience with programming. Introduction to Swift 5 is a great way to seamlessly get you into app development. What do you gain from the course? By learning how to build reusable code segments on XCode, you set a strong foundation for future projects.

The course features a comprehensive structure with great examples. The structure effectively breaks down the fundamentals of Swift 5, easily making this course among the best for interactivity.

By taking the course, you will also learn how to work with a wide range of data constructs and dictionaries to power simple iOS development.

iOS App Development: Test-Driven Development – LinkedIn

Do you want to make a track record of building applications free of bugs? The iOS App Development: Test-Driven Development course is what you need. The course gives you comprehensive training on building an effective codebase for iOS applications.

When you complete the training, you’ll be well-equipped to do coherent tasks to cut vulnerabilities for bug-free results. An experienced instructor is ready to pass down skills for writing strong and scalable code. Thus, you’ll learn to apply a quality code approach to minimize your troubleshooting work.

During the training, you’ll be able to test your ability to build simple applications in Swift. Then, you can progress to building service platforms with multiple features. At the end of the course, you’ll have the competence to build both small and enterprise iOS applications. The theories you’re about to learn from the course are instrumental for writing code for quality apps.

XCode 12 Essential Training – LinkedIn

XCode 12 Essential Training is the best choice for developers aspiring to be masters of XCode. Mastering XCode is a requirement for anyone looking to pursue a career in iOS development.

The course tutorials effectively break down the foundation of XCode into feasible steps that even a beginner iOS developer can understand. The course features explanations that focus on simple ways you can work with XCode. This makes XCode 12 Essential Training the best option for beginners with no programming or coding experience.

By the way, developers can leverage a Quick Help Inspector feature to get coding information that allows them to speed up design. There is also a lesson on the Lice Preview to test the interactivity of your application while still in the integrated development environment. While the course may appear too basic if you are at the advanced level, it is a great pick for a refresher.


Are you interested in starting a career in iOS development? You don’t have to enroll in a bank-breaking program to acquire essential skills and knowledge for developing iOS applications. Many online Swift courses for beginners will help you build a good foundation for iOS development. Try the one that appeals to you the most, and good luck!


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