World of Apple to broadcast Keynote LIVE

woalive_thumb.jpgIn recent years, Apple has broadcast the Steve Jobs Keynote at Macworld Live on their site. This year, however, that won’t be the case. So how can you possibly keep up with goings on of the Keynote?

Well, we’ll – of course – have Live coverage of the event via text updates, but World of Apple is taking it to another level…one of questionable legality, and a high chance of failure.

The fellas behind the site are going to be in attendance at Macworld, and are going to to stream the Keynote through a flash player on their site live. It’s a great idea, except that it probably isn’t legal since the Keynote is most likely Apple’s Intellectual Property, and the World of Apple guys are actively seeking advertisers for the site. Something tells me that the Apple Law Dogs won’t be cool with that…

Plus the site is getting a lot of attention. It’s been on Digg, and TUAW (and here), and I’m sure it will continue to make its way through the blogosphere this week. Which is bad, since there will be thousands, if not millions, of people trying to access the site at the same time…and there is no guarantee of bandwidth from the World of Apple people.

Still, I commend them for trying to get the Keynote out to us fans, and I hope that they are successful, and that Apple doesn’t lock them all away in a small room for the rest of their lives.

I kid.

source TUAW

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