User Discovers Trick That Can Renew Old AirPod Battery Life

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Like any electronic product, Apple’s AirPods are also subject to wear and tear. There certainly have been reports of declining battery life proportionate to the usage time and product age. Suffice to say, AirPod battery life, especially for the first-generation edition, for some users has been declining after several years of usage. Before you discard your AirPods due to this, however, you might want to try this trick from one user who has discovered how to renew his AirPod battery life.

User smakusdod from Reddit has gone out of his way and came up with a trick that saved him from purchasing new AirPods. He even took to Reddit to share the lifehack he found. According to him, following these steps can re-calibrate your AirPod battery and restore it back to a seemingly brand new state:

  1. Reset the AirPod case by holding down the white button at the back for 10 or more seconds.
  2. Then, re-pair them with your iPhone.
  3. Afterward, completely drain both AirPods and the case to zero through normal usage.
  4. Finally, place the dead AirPods in the dead case and charge them both to full or 100 percent.

AirPod Battery Life

Upon doing this, smakusdod’s AirPod battery life reportedly went from the previously worn down 1.5 hours to three or even 3.5 hours. That’s basically double the battery life or reverting it back to brand new status.

It’s worth noting that the user has had his AirPods for three years now and also claimed that its battery life has been gradually getting over time.

AirPod Battery Life

We do feel that a disclaimer should be in order as the said trick didn’t work for everyone. Still, it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re planning on purchasing the new AirPods due to the short battery life of your old ones.

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  1. This is an old trick and works with any batteries. As a kid, I did this with my iPhone 3G to rejuvinate it’s battery. The only difference is instead of doing this once, I did 3 times in a row. Completely discharge, chare to 100% for 12hrs. Rinse and repeat. Good tip regardless.

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