US Judge Denies Apple’s Preliminary Injunction Vs Samsung

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The ongoing legal battles that are being waged by Apple and Samsung against each other continue to develop like a bad soap opera. It’s a legal war that has become part of the two companies’ protracted battle to dominate the global tablet market.

The legal squabbles between Apple and Samsung has been documented in various Apple Gazette articles, and now another episode has been added to this ongoing saga with a recent ruling from the US District Judge Lucy Koh that officially denies Apple’s request of imposing a preliminary injunction against Samsung. This means that Apple has failed in its bid to stop Samsung from selling the products that Apple is contesting in court. This means Samsung can continue selling the said products – three different smartphone models and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is also the topic of heated legal wranglings in Germany, especially with Samsung trying to trick Apple and the courts with a superficially modified 10.1 tablet.  Apple’s legal moves may have been derailed in the US, but it is not the sole legal battleground for both companies. Apple and Samsung has filed various lawsuits against each other in 10 different countries – among them Germany and Australia. In fact, on the same time that the US ruling denying the temporary injunction was handed down, an Australian court granted Apple’s request to extend for another week a ban placed on the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

More than twenty cases have been filed by Apple against Samsung in the said 10 countries.

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