Apple Refurbished Product Lineup Gets Update With New Items & Deals

Apple is on a roll this year with numerous product updates and releases that are sure to make their loyal fans spinning. Of course, there’s the question of price again since newly-released products tend to be more expensive. Those on a tighter budget need not worry as the Apple refurbished product lineup also got its own update and is looking generous with new deals.

Just today, Apple has announced some tweaks to its current refurbished product lineup. This came in the form of low prices and discounts for the Apple MacBook Air to promos for mobile devices like iPad’s and iPhones. Interested potential buyers can expect to save as much as $300 on iPhones and high discounts of $480 to the MacBook Air.

Even some of the more powerful MacBook and Mac models such as the 13.3-inch Pro equipped with a 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 went from $1,749.00 to just $1,489.00. Meanwhile, an unlocked 64 GB iPhone XS Max previously costing $999 now just goes for $799. As for the iPads, their discounts aren’t as competitive with the other products but the most expensive model, the 11-inch iPad Pro, went from $699 to just $549.

Refurbished Product Lineup

You do have to consider the fact that these products are certified refurbished. These are returned or previously defective or broken products that were carefully refurbished to look and work like brand new again. Their parts were also replaced as needed and have been fully tested to functional working conditions similar to their brand new counterparts. To reassure customers of their quality, Apple has also bundled in a 1-year warranty for its refurbished product lineup.

Of course, refurbished units only have a limited supply and are only available while stocks last. If you do miss out on your chance for these refurbished units, you can keep checking Apple’s page since they keep updating their lineup.

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