Totallee’s UV Phone Sanitizer Keeps Both Your Phone & Your Hands Clean

So far there has been no cure or vaccine yet for the troublesome COVID-19 or coronavirus. It just so happens that it can live or stay on a lot of surfaces for up to three days including steel or plastic, your smartphone included. This pretty much means your phone is a viable way to get infected. That is why Totallee provided a good sanitation solution in the form of a UV phone sanitizer.

After a long day outdoors or even just inside your home, your phone tends to be a bacteria or virus magnet. Even just taking it while you spend time in the toilet is enough for your phone to spread infections through germs. In fact, the usual used smartphone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet! We all know how hard it is to clean a public toilet, what more for your phone? Sanitizing it can get tricky and is best done with ultraviolet rays that kill anything that alcohol or tissue paper can’t.

That’s what Totallee’s UV Phone Sanitizer utilizes to ensure that phones don’t propagate any infectious organisms. It basically functions like a tanning bed for your phone. You place your phone inside and the UV Phone Sanitizer will do the work in just 30 minutes. It also allows wireless charging for your phone.

Since smartphones can also fit in the sanitizer, anything smaller than a smartphone can also be cleaned with it. This can be anything from keys, chargers, and even wallets. For the moment, stocks are limited and the sanitizer is only available through pre-orders. However, you can pre-order one now for $99 and it will ship by May. Due to the high demand, Totallee has also placed a limit of 5 orders per customer.

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