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Well, it’s still early but at 10 am PST, Apple has an event called Back to the Mac, which is presumably about OS 10.7. But what else will be announced? As is tradition, I’m going to go out and make a few predictions here, and wildly speculate about what’s going to happen in a few hours. Ready? Here goes.

  1. iWork and iLife ’12 announced. I think this one is a gimme. Both suites are still in ’09 flavors, and it would be great to see new versions of Pages and Numbers come out around the same time as Office ’11 is released. Plus, it fits the theme.
  2. 10.7 Announced. The water cooler talk is that this one will be called Lion, but man does that rub me the wrong way. I’m hoping for Big Cat instead. Expect integration with iOS 4.2 in some manner, be it interface or imagery.
  3. New MacBook Air. Thinner, lighter, and packing no replaceable hard drive, I’m hoping this one not only happens, but is cheaper than the current $1499 price tag.
  4. Verizon iPhone. Yeah, a pretty big longshot on this one, particularly with the whole theme being Macs. But, it could happen, and this might be the time.
  5. Intel i3 Bump for 13-inch MacBook Pro. It seems kind of silly that the 13-inch MBP isn’t running an i3, but I think that’s one potential upgrade. Might happen for the MacBook too, or even the whole lineup so that the Core 2 Duo is out for good.

There you have it, some random predictions. So will it happen? Guess we’ll find out soon.

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