Steve Jobs Stock problems resurface, this time through Pixar

Steve Jobs approved an employement contract for  John Lasseter (director of “Toy Story”) that granted him Pixar stock options priced in December of 2000 – three months before the contract was signed.

It is not clear if Steve Jobs picked the dates for the stock options, only that his signature, on behalf of Pixar, is on the contract.

What does this mean?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  The backdating of stock is not illegal if filed and accounted for properly, and at this time, I haven’t seen much more beyond the sensational headline “Apple’s Jobs backdated Pixar options” which seems to be completely inaccurate when, in the article itself it is made clear that they don’t know if he selected them or not.

If there’s a lawyer in the house, please shed some light on what this could mean for Steve…

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