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paid iphone apps free

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I don’t mind paying for iOS apps if I really want that app, and I know that I will be using it. You know, like Sim City 4 for the iPad…

However, there are some apps that are rather too expensive for me, so I just wait till they are offered on discount or when they go free, which is bound to happen sooner or later.

For today, here are some (normally) paid iPhone apps free for today. As of this writing, these apps are free, but they will soon go back to their normal price tags, so hurry up!

Paid iPhone apps free for today

Quantum Galaxy HD

paid iphone apps free
For gamers, here’s a $19.99 game which you can get for free. The arcade space shooter game doesn’t have too many reviews, but it does have four stars. In any case, you don’t pay anything so get it anyway.

Download Quantum Galaxy HD.

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Lenka is a black & white photo app developed by famous photographer Kevin Abosch. As per the app description:
Realtime B&W preview while Lenka’s image processing with automatic exposure, yields photos with a distinct look and signature we hope you like as much as we do! Lenka is optimized for iPhones with 4 inch screens. For highest image quality, we suggest using an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s.

This one’s for you, photography enthusiasts.

Get Lenka.

Vert – Unit and Currency Converter

There are tons of unit and currency converters out there, but Vert has received rave reviews. It’s “only” normally $4.99, and it’s free for now. So if you want an upgrade to your current converter, now’s the time to get Vert.

Virtual Trainer PRO : Exercise Workout Fitness

This one’s for people like me who really want to exercise but just can’t do it for one reason or another. 😉

It’s supposed to turn your iPhone into your personal trainer, saving you hundreds of dollars perhaps. If you can get yourself to actually exercise. Additionally, it will sync your burned calories to the new iOS8 Health App.

Virtual Trainer PRO is normally $8.99, and since it’s free for now, there’s no reason not to download it at all.

Important: These apps are free as of publication.

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