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wwdc 2013 moscone

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One of the most highly-anticipated WWDC events ever is almost here, and San Francisco’s Moscone Center West, where WWDC takes place, is starting to look very Apple-y. Inside the Center, there are banners touting OS X and iOS 7 featuring dramatic new looks! We’ve got pics.

Sporting logos for both its operating systems and that ever-present WWDC logo, the Moscone Center is starting to look ready for next week. The WWDC logo has gotten its own tagline: “Where a whole new world is developing,” which, in typical Apple fashion, probably has a double meaning, referring to what’s new for both iOS and OS X.

Giant posters have been put in place that emphasize an ultra-minimal aesthetic, such as the “7,” “X,” and “10.9” posters.

The biggest surprise might be the “10.9” poster. Apple has shied away from assigning numbers to its OS X upgrades over the last five years or so, preferring to go with code names. This banner boldly proclaims that Apple OS version 10.9 is coming, and that’s a drastic departure… Interesting that Apple didn’t use the posters to out the cat name of the new version of OS X. They’re either saving that for Monday, or might they be ditching the cat names altogether? Hmm.

Don’t think for a second that the placement and timing of these banners going up isn’t strategized by Apple. Of course it is. They know that we Appleheads are hungry for any nugget of information we can get our hands on, and they know that lots of fans and photographers will be out in force to take pictures of these banners, showcasing the new branding, for posting online immediately. It’s all planned down to the tiniest detail. Most of these banners were unveiled around lunchtime (California time) on Friday, and that was entirely on purpose. People in San Francisco will see the banners on their lunch break, and people around the world will see them posted online as well. Take notes, marketing majors. Apple is creating enormous buzz with nothing but really big banners.

wwdc 2013 moscone
The Moscone Center.

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 metreon
These giant banners appear on the outside of the Metreon, a mall across the street from the Moscone Center.

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 banners

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 apple logo

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 slogan
“WWDC: Where a whole new world is developing.” These words appear all over the branding materials for WWDC 2013.

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 welcome desk
Welcome/registration desk.

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 ios 7 banner
A closer look at the iOS 7 banner.

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 os x banner
A closer look at the OS X banner. Check out those waves!

[Image source]

wwdc 2013 os x 10.9
This “10.9” banner is a reference to the new version of Mac OS X.

[Image source]

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