Microsoft Office Coming to iPad

For some people, this may be a harbinger of doom. For others (myself included), it’s cause to throw a frickin’ parade. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are fine for the average casual user, but for true productivity, there’s only one productivity solution, and at long last it’s coming to the iPad.

The Daily (you know, the iPad-only daily news magazine) is reporting that Microsoft is hard at work as we speak, adapting the entire Office suite for iPad users. Microsoft has made no official statement about it yet, but The Daily suggests that the Office apps could hit the App Store around mid-2012. The apps are expected to be compatible with Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based versions of its software, or possibly app-based direct interfaces to the Office 365 suite itself. Either way, insiders believe that the price point will be relatively low — in the $10 range, which is competitive pricing next to Apple’s productivity apps.

Microsoft is also known to be working on a new version of Office specifically tailored to the capabilities of OS X Lion, for release near the end of 2012.

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