Massive iPhone Upgrade Event Rumored This Weekend in the U.S.

It’s all but rumors right now, but 9to5 Mac says it has a source who has knowledge of what Is being cooked up in Apple Stores across the country this coming weekend. There are no specific details, but from the report, we know that the event is iPhone-related, in particular to boost sales.
That means potentially really cool deals on brand new units. As a matter of fact, what is supposedly going to happen is that iPhone users who are eligible for an upgrade will be contacted directly by email. This email will let these users know about the details of the upgrade, which they can avail of by visiting the nearest Apple Store.

Apple already has an existing iPhone trade-in program, not to mention its global recycling program, so this upcoming event should have something more enticing for current, eligible users. The upgrade event is going to be held in several states, so keep a close watch on your email!

Apple Gazette Team
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