Apple to Launch Recycling Program Globally

What do you do with old, unused Apple products? If you’re like me, working devices usually go through the hand-me-down process. There’s always someone who can use a secondhand iPhone, laptop, or iPad. But what if the device no longer works? How do you get rid of it in an environmentally-conscious manner?

Apple is launching a recycling program, which applies to all Apple Stores around the world. Obviously part of the company’s effort to lessen its carbon footprint, the recycling program is open to devices, reusable or not.

recycling programImage source

For devices that can be reused, you can receive store gift cards. The exchange values will probably be determined in-store.

For devices that are unusable, Apple will recycle them for free. That line baffles me, though, as why would a company charge a user if the user is practically giving back a device they paid for in the first place? Although it may not work anymore, wouldn’t Apple still be the one benefitting from the return? Or am I missing something here?

In any case, this worldwide initiative is a positive one, which hopefully will encourage more users to get rid of their old devices in a more environmentally-friendly way.

If you want to learn more about Apple’s efforts along these lines, check out their page dedicated to environmental responsibility.


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