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It’s not that browsing the App Store is such a bad experience that you wouldn’t want to ever use it again even if there were no alternatives. While there are highlighted apps, categories, search, and other functions, there are so many apps available that it’s practically impossible to wade through all of them.

Then there are the constant updates – discounts and sales and “apps gone free” for a limited time. How can you keep up with all of this without losing your mind?

Here’s one solution: App Sliced.

The site is similar to some existing sites which offer the updates I mentioned above. App Sliced, however, takes things to a new level for several reasons:

* tracking app sales (today’s include Monument Valley, Pixelmator, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy VI, Infinity Blade III, etc.)
* price history for each app (and corresponding “buy/wait” advice based on future projections)
* advanced filters to sort app sales
* ability to set app price alerts (plus alert suggestions based on popular alerts from the community)
* additional search filters (category, paid/free, etc.)

Did I mention that I like how it looks?

While you can do the basic search, the additional features above make it so much easier for you to find apps that you will actually use. We’ve all been there…so many apps installed we don’t even know what’s on our device anymore.

Deciding which apps to purchase – and when – is made more practical by using App Sliced. Plus, you don’t even have to constantly search if you don’t have time. With the alerts function, you just wait for a price drop and receive the info.

You can also receive recommendations based on your interests and other parameters that you specify.

All this is for free, but you need to sign up to access the features. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Check App Sliced out. Chances are that you’ll be using it regularly.

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