4 Useful iOS Apps Gone Free

paid ios apps gone free

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If you’re having a particularly bad case of “I hate Mondays“, here’s something that may perk you up a little.

There are lots of iOS apps gone free, but I picked out four that are actually useful and you’ll want to download.

Now cheer up, and get Monday over with!

iOS apps gone free

Peek Calendar – Simple & Minimalist Cal

ios apps gone free

With all the calendar apps out there, why would you want another one?

Take one look at those screenshots, and you have the answer. Peek Calendar is eye-catching from the get-go. Additionally, it has the distinction of being having been featured as one of Apple’s Best New Apps.

• A completely redesigned calendar experience for iPhone.
• An interface that is clean and content focused.
• Unified timeline view.
• Expanded current week: Today, Tomorrow and the rest of the week.

• Simple and fast to add events or edit them.
• Tap and hold on any day to add a new event.
• Adjust event start & end time w/o ever again typing or scrolling time wheel!
• Adjust event’s start time with 2 taps or drags.
• Adjust event’s end time with shrinking bar size.

• Shading gesture – cup your hand over the top to reveal the time.
• Shake to get suggestions on Peek’s life events.
• Drag or swipe to the right to peek and view the duration and the location of events.

• Sync all external calendars supported by build-in calendar including iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, etc.
• Different color themes.
• Controlled sound and vibration feedback.
• Alarms integrated.
• Monday/Sunday start option.
• Timezone Support with picker.

Get Peek Calendar for free.

BTT Remote

ios apps gone free

BTT stands for BetterTouchTool and functions as a remote for your Mac. In order to use it, you need the free software installed on your Mac.

• Includes a nice trackpad to control your Mac’s mouse cursor. The trackpad also supports basic multitouch gestures.
• Remotely type or dictate text to your Mac
• Remotely access media keys from your Mac’s keyboard (play/pause, change the volume, change the brightness for internal and external displays, etc. )
• Remotely access and use any app’s menu bar
• Configure global actions that work in every application.
• Assign custom icons to each action you configure.
• Configure arbitrary app specific actions for any application you want. With those actions you can control almost anything on your Mac. If you want to see what is possible please check out BetterTouchTool first.
• Browse your file system (e.g. to start a movie or application while lying in bed)
• Transfer files (up to 6 MB) from your Mac to your iPhone and view them or share them there.
• Navigate between different applications
• Ability to increase cursor size and zoom the screen for convenient control while e.g. sitting on your couch.

Get BTT Remote for free.

Reflex – Vintage Camera and Photo Editor for Instagram

paid apps gone free

There’s no going around it – photo editors, including filters – are necessities for most people these days. If you’re bored with the usual filters, download Reflex.

• 15 vintage textures in TtV Pack
• 3 Border Packs with 39 different boarders
• Develop Rolleiflex photo from Camera Roll
• Save your work to camera roll in high resolution
• Switch between Front Camera and Rear Camera
• Switch Flashlight to ON/OFF/Auto/Torch mode
• Real-time preview for effects and borders changing
• Edit the photo again after shooting
• Add Lens Focus blur or Tilt-Shift blur (NEW!)
• Adjust Contrast and Brightness (NEW!)
• Real-time Video Recording for Instagram (NEW!)

Warning: free filters are nice but limited. In-app purchases required for more filters.

Get Reflex for free.

Toca Nature

paid ios apps gone free

I’ve been a fan of Toca apps for a while. They are some of most useful and educational apps for kids, and they’re made in such a way that even supervising adults enjoy it.

Get Toca Nature.

Here’s another useful thing: iOS Tracks the Locations You Visit Frequently, Here’s How to Stop It

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  1. My kids LOVE Toca Nature. I saw it free in the app store a few days ago and added it to our collection of Toca apps. This one is the best by far.

    1. Great! I’ve downloaded it, too and can’t wait to use it with my nephews next time I vist.

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