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Two things the iPad can do extremely well, with no competition

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So the cynicism has died down a bit. I’m still not convinced that this is something I should own, but I’ve thought of two things that the iPad can do extremely well. I made sure to list these as items that can’t be done well enough in any other device. Here we go.

I guess the reason why I found the iPad a tad underwhelming was because they’ve marketed the eBook reader to someone like me who has stopped reading books. Instead, I listen to them. Given that I’m almost always out, I doubt I’d be able to revert back to reading a good book from the comforts of my home. I think the Kindle has pretty much got the reading experience spot on, and my iPod delivers my audiobooks impeccably. But one thing that these two can’t do well — DIGITAL COMICS. If Marvel, DC and the other comic book publishers can get the digital downloads to work (hey it works with Archie comics), they’ve got a winner.

That’s one.

The second — and really, do consider it for a moment — are out of the box interactive billboards and signage. For the swanky restaurant that shows the menu in digital format, and all you need to do is check your orders. For propping up on the counter to show off the new specials for the day scribbled in a new blackboard application. For an Internet kiosk at the mall. A photo frame.

That’s two.

Now, someone should go build these.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

10 thoughts on “Two things the iPad can do extremely well, with no competition

  1. At least he can spell, use the English language properly, and make good points backed by reason.

    These are two good uses for the iPad… and there are many, many more. It will be a hit!

  2. You missed another potential niche: restaurant ordering. Imagine walking into a restaurant. You are seated, and handed an iPad. You see a menu right in front of you on the screen. You place your order, then you browse the Internet, watch movie trailers, read a book, check out the dessert menu, check email via the web, heck, put a camera in the kitchen and watch your order being prepared!, and then your order arrives. No waiter needed. When you are done you scan your CC and hand it back to the hostess. Saves money and improves the experience.

    Someone will make an app for that. Bet on it!

    1. @BladRnr — i actually mentioned it, albeit briefly but you elaborated better! 🙂

  3. @Alexis …. and you are a genius? off you go, it’s way past your bedtime.

    Well I hope Apple enable self publishing via the bookstore – then we would see some real innovative work instead of the rehashed old style media giants stuff.
    Simple prediction… this thing is going to be huge. Why do I say this – the iPad SDK has some amazing, cool, possibilities with the expanded touch gestures….NDO zips my mouth tho’
    This is in no way a ‘me too’ product so comparisons are pointless.

  4. I’m thinking of an ipad, pod of three or four so kids can play games in my bowling center. I’ll charge by the hour for the use, like a pool table. Please comment!

  5. I am working up a concept menu for a restaurant that will feature the iPAD as its menu. What a perfect POS system that is instantly updated to provide supply and demand information and a means to educate the patron on the foods available and how to make better choices. Go Bare – Get Local

  6. Firms by Lecere Corporation is introducing this product into restaurants for waitstaff to use! It’s a great idea!

  7. Hi, My name is Savannah and I have had the ipad for a couple weeks now, it is very nice except you can’t use any website or downloading anything that has to do with with adobe flash player because apple does not store it, all thought YouTube,Facebook,google, all work as normal they are just mobilized. For instance on Facebook you cannot us the chat menu. On twitter just the layout is different, and google is 100% the same, well for me it is. I’m just speking from my point of view, I also don’t have the iPad with 3G, so others experience with the iPad may be different to mine, All in all I think the iPad is a nice choice for any gift or “computer” You do need a PC to hook it up like all Apple Products such as the IPod Touch, It is great to have both like I do, As you probably know by now, The IPad doesn’t have a camera, just a headphone slot,a speaker and a microphone to speak into for voice activation things. the new IPod touch has a camera that can be used a webcam due to it’s smaller screen it may be harder to see, Just hook it up to your iPad and download the app easily found in the App store on the front menu, and you can road cast live,clearly and with a wider screen. I hope my info helped you. P.S I wrote this all to you using my iPad, it make take some getting used to the touch typing, but you can buy a certain key board to the iPad so its easier to some people, you can also purchase a Dock that charges the ipad and hold it up at a slant, Read instructions in product for more info. I have recently learned it can charge most other apple such products such as the IPod touch, IPod nano and exc.Thank you for your time and for reading what I had to say if you did. -Savannah..

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