“Now This is #ludacris!!!”: the First Diamond Apple Watch

diamond apple watch

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It is #ludacris if you love playing with words, but it hardly is the first diamond Apple Watch out there. Ludacris’s new Apple Watch, that is.

Yesterday, the rapper showed off his brand spanking new diamond Apple watch on his Instagram account using those very words, instantly garnering tens of thousands of likes and quite a bunch of comments as well.

ICED OUT APPLE WATCH!! @iceboxjewelry!! #apple #applewatch #iWatch #applewatchsport #gadget #diamond #gold #icebox #iceboxjewelry #atlanta #teenchoiceawards2015

A photo posted by @ludacris on

And for a closer look.

Now this is #ludacris!!! Just picked up the FIRST Diamond Apple Watch from my personal jewelers @iceboxjewelry just in time for the #teenchoiceawards2015 red carpet. Bout to have fun with this gadget!! Go follow them on IG now and tell them Luda sent you! They have these on hand. About to pick one up for the wife too. Thanks @iceboxjewelry!! #apple #applewatch #iWatch #applewatchsport #gadget #diamond #gold #icebox #iceboxjewelry #atlanta

A photo posted by @ludacris on

You have to admit – that’s a heck of a blinged up Apple Watch. Beyonce’s Apple Watch band has nothing on this, and the same applies to Kanye West’s (imagine how bummed he must feel now).

While the exclusive Apple Watches of these celebrities may not be for sale, there are options for high-end buyers. Luxury company Brikk has its own line, Lux Watch. And these watches outshine the hashtag #ludacris.

diamond apple watch

These watches are available in three different models: Standard, Deluxe, and Omni, the difference being the carats of the diamonds.

Envy the celebs and their Apple Watches? Take a look at Lux Watch instead.

If you’re more than happy with your “normal” Apple Watch, just read this:

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