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apple watch apps

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apple watch apps

It’s less than a month till the Apple Watch hits the stores, and we once again see the ridiculously long queues. The Watch itself invokes anticipation, but Apple Watch apps also play a large role in that build up of emotion.

Impatient? Wear a Virtual Apple Watch Today!

What Apple Watch apps will we see that will change our lives? Or simply allow us to have more fun…

Redmond Pie just releases a full list of apps that have been updated for the Apple Watch and are now in the App Store. Slowly, but surely, Apple Watch apps are popping up. Here’s the full list:

  1. AliPay
  2. ASMR 5
  3. aTimeLogger 2
  4. Babbel
  5. Bdgt
  6. Binary iWatch
  7. Bottomline – Sales Tracking App
  8. Buzz: Caffeine Tracker
  9. Check Check
  10. Colegio Grimm English Class
  11. Dark Sky
  12. Day Zero
  13. Do not forget your pills
  14. ECB Cricket
  15. Elementary Minute
  16. Evernote
  17. Expedia Hotels & Flights
  18. FarsCal
  19. Fitness Point
  20. Fitness Point Pro
  21. Green Kitchen
  22. HKTraffic Vivo
  23. iDoneThis
  24. Inspiration Quotes
  25. Invoice2go
  26. iStayFit
  27. Kitchen Stories
  28. Leave London
  29. Lifesum
  30. LINE
  31. Meditation Timer
  32. MileWiz
  33. At Bat
  34. Motor Mate
  35. NYTimes
  36. Onefootball
  37. Pencilicious Plus
  38. Procreate Pocket
  39. Peak: Brain Training
  40. Qantas Airways
  41. Redfin
  42. Runtastic Six Pack
  43. SCMP – Breaking China Hong Kong & China News
  44. Sky Guide
  45. SPG – Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  46. SportCenter
  47. T2A 2014
  48. Target
  49. Thermo Diem
  50. Things
  51. Transit App
  52. The Wall Street Journal
  53. Twitter
  54. WeChat
  55. Yahoo Tourney Pick’Em

If you’re using any of those apps, and you’re sure you’re going to get the Apple Watch (or do your darned best to get one), then you might want to check the updates now.

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