AGTV – Behind The Scenes – A look at the Apple Gazette “Office”

In the video above you’ll get a look at the office that I work from. It doubles as the “set” for AGTV…I’ve packed a lot into this small space.

Click Through to the site will give you a much higher quality video. You can see it here.

AGTV premieres May 19th, 2008.



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  1. Great looking setup, I can’t wait to see the show.

    It’s kind of funny that there have been a lot of videos like this on various blogs showing off their blogging setups, but, I love hearing about what hardware people are using, computers, cell phones, desks, chairs, etc. I guess I’m also a geek for offices.

  2. Nice, I like the widescreen. One thing, the fullscreen feature doesn’t seem to work again…

  3. @elminno

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that – I may just have our own flash player scripted and say to heck with using other services. They all seem to have one problem or another that keeps them from working well.

    If anyone has suggestions on another service – let me know.

  4. Here’s a suggestion (something I’ve found works well)
    For your overhead lighting, use “100w” compact florescent bulbs. They last longer and give of A LOT less heat. You can also get them in different “temperatures” such as a “cooler” color that looks more like natural sunlight and not as yellow/orange as incandescent bulbs.
    Just a thought. but either way the setup looks good. Something I’d like to try doing if I had a reason.