Limited Updates – I’m sick.

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I’ve been fighting off a bug the entire weekend, and today it really punched me in the face. I think it’s just a head cold, but I am completely miserable.

So, with that in mind, updates will probably be limited over the next day or so.

Anybody got any good home remedies for a cold?

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6 thoughts on “Limited Updates – I’m sick.

  1. Oh, I was sorry to hear that Michael. Surprise, I am a doctor. Even more surprise, I am a microbiologist 🙂 So bugs are my specialty.

    You probably have a viral infection and there is no cure for that so once you have got it you can only do two things:

    1. Manage the symptoms: like take an anti-pyretic for your fever like paracetamol.

    2. Protect your self from secondary bacterial infections that may and probably would arise on top especially if you have a bad cold as you said. In this case we take an antibiotic. Something of a broad spectrum efficiency like Augmentin or a second gen. Cephalosporin or so. But in America that has to be prescribed for you by your doctor after some tests.

    Bottom line here is that you gonna have to take the beating. Just be ware of getting out of bed on a cold night while you are experiencing viraemia “that’s the virus effect or products in your blood” this can send you dizzy to the floor with cold sweat in an instant.

    Get rest, rest, rest and it will pass. Take your paracetamol in case of fever and a good medication that’s available in the USA online is tylenol or panadol cold & flu. The later has paracetamol too so it will calm you and act also to lower your fever.

    If you are experiencing further symptoms like cough or so that would probably annoy you and keep awake at night, we would have to consider something for that too. There are many anti-tussive drugs at the prescription of your doctor. And for the sleep calm part you have got to get some anti-histaminic medication and that should be prescribed too.

    Now you know your options. My advise here is get rest and it will take its toll on you and pass, just keep your temperature down with off the shelf medications to relief bone aches.

    Get well soon. I need my apple gazette daily back. 🙂

  2. Thanks everyone! Wizard I appreciate the details. I had no idea you were a microbiologist. That’s awesome.

    I’m feeling a little better tonight. If I wake up feeling like I do right now, I should be back on track tomorrow.

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