Leopard to exclude 800MHz systems

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Apple Insider has a report that speculates that Leopard is getting too powerful for some older Mac models – namely the 800MHz PowerBook G4 (Titanium), 800MHz PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver), 800MHz iMac G4, 800MHz iBook G4, and 800MHz eMac.

While these machines are ancient by some’s standards of computing age, there will be a small handful of dedicated Mac faithful sure to outraged by this sad news.

The article goes on throw fuel onto a completely unecessary fire by speculating that OS X 10.6 will not support PowerPCs at all, and will force Power PC users into joining those of us that have already switched to Intel machines. Some might even say that this as yet non-existent move is designed to drive Mac sales…in a year where Apple sales are the best they’ve ever been…I think it’s safe to say those people are probably full of crap.

Just my opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Leopard to exclude 800MHz systems

  1. Yes, full of crap. The PPC is not obsolete just yet. I can see on some other sites, that people are already becoming outraged at the 800 MHz cap. Come on people, you can’t expect your ancient hardware to be supported forever! It’s called progress; and really, would you want it to be? Running Leopard on a G3 is going to be worse than pulling teeth. How would you expect to get anything done?

  2. And what if 10.6 will not support PowerPCs? Is 10.5 (or earlier) instant obsolete? It still works does it?

    I totally agree with Krye, it is called progress. I still got a 286 at home, do I expect that it will run windows vista? Of course not!

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