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jobs.jpgIn another essay published on, Steve Jobs has announced today Apple’s plans to be a “greener” company. He also points out the things Apple has been doing, that the public may not be aware of, that makes them a leader (or close to it) in the industry for “greenness”.

from the article:

By 2010, Apple may be recycling significantly more than either Dell or HP as a percentage of past sales weight.


All the e-waste we collect in North America is processed in the U.S., and nothing is shipped overseas for disposal.


Apple products are designed using high quality materials that are in high demand from recyclers.

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  1. I like this new Steve. It’s like a kid making his homework. First was “thoughts on music”, now this. What’s next? “Why i like my pet”, “Things i eat before going to work” “What’s on my menubar” and so on…

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