AppleTV update delayed, Macbook Air now shipping

In what is seemingly turning into a tradition for the AppleTV, the software behind the device is delaying it once again. You may remember last year during the “Take One” phase of AppleTV that the device was slightly delayed after it’s Macworld unveiling, with the device shipping on the last day of February, and not arriving at customers homes until March, in spite of its “February” release date. Why did it take so long to ship? The software for the device was being tweaked.

Apple today announced that the next version of the AppleTV OS, which was supposed to ship within two weeks of the Macworld Keynote – is now going to be delayed a “couple of weeks”. Why? Again – the software needs tweaking.

While I would certainly rather get software that works than something with bugs – I do wish they’d hurry up already. Ah well…

In more positive Apple news, the Macbook Air is officially shipping. So those of you that have pre-ordered the device should be seeing it on your doorstep in a matter of days.



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  1. It seems delays with Apple products are becoming the rule.. not the exception. AppleTV, Leopard and I think even the iPhone were delayed.
    I’m starting to think these “available dates” and “shipping today” are just their best guesstimates. I want me some HD rentals.

  2. @Rick

    It’s true about Leopard and AppleTV, but the iPhone wasn’t delayed. I believe some people speculated that it was coming on June 1st, because they said “in June” – but it came out on the day they announced that it would.

    There was that pesky Engadget article that was completely fake that said the iPhone was going to be delayed – but that was a hoax.