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How to Remove Scratches From Apple Watch Sport Screen

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It’s common for your devices to get scratches and bumps when not protected properly. The usual wear and tear or the accidental scrape can physically damage your gadgets, including your Apple Watch. So what happens when you suddenly find scratches on your Apple Watch Sport screen, maybe after a run or some other activity?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove the scratches on the screen once they’re there. Hence, getting ahead and using a screen protector would be the smart thing to do. Preventing it from occurring in the first place is key to keeping your Apple Watch in pristine condition. That’s one of the few ways to keep scratches out of your device.

Yes, the screen of your Apple Watch doesn’t easily get scratches, thanks to scratch-resistant facilities used in creating it. However, there are others ways that your Apple Watch screen can get scratched. Here are some ways that a screen protector can effectively protect your Apple Watch screen from damages:

  1. A screen protector acts like a physical shield that resists the scruffs and scratches that would your Apple Watch screen would usually get from external factors. Instead of your screen obtaining those scratches, it’s the screen protector that gets the brunt of it.
  2. Aside from scratches, a screen protector can also help in preventing your Apple Watch screen from getting cracks due to accidental drops. This can only stay true if your screen protector is made of tempered glass; a plastic screen protector won’t be as effective.
  3. The usual wear and tear can also leave some scratches on your Apple Watch screen. A screen protector can protect your device from that and keep it looking new for longer.
  4. Getting water, sweat, or sand problems into your Apple Watch may damage the screen. A screen protector can protect your device from getting these issues.

Apart from a screen protector, another way of ensuring that your Apple Watch screen can stay protected from scratches is by using an Apple Watch case. Getting one that can effectively allow your Apple Watch screen to stay secure, maybe one with raised edges around the screen would also be a great idea.

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