Funny Steve Jobs Biopic to be Released April 15

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Humor website Funny or Die is one of the funniest sites on the internet. The site has been responsible for so many comedy clips that have actually gone viral.  Now the site is releasing a new ambitious project – a biopic.

The subject of the Funny or Die biopic is one that fans will surely love to see – Steve Jobs himself. The movie, called iSteve, is going to be a 60 to 75 minute spoof. The movie will take a humorous look into the life of Steve Jobs. According to its makers, the biopic will essentially make fun of biopics. How meta!

Justin Long will play the role of Steve Jobs. Of course, the Apple faithful know that Long played the role of Mac in those brilliant Mac vs PC commercials that aired a few years ago. Other cast members include James Urbaniak (Bill Gates), Michaela Watkins (Melinda Gates) and Jorge Garcia (Steve Wozniak).

An interview with the writer and director of iSteve, Ryan Perez, revealed the man’s own humor, he said that “in true internet fashion” the movie is not based on detailed research, they only took a “cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page.” The production team took only three days to write the script and just five days on production.

The iSteve biopic is Funny or Die’s longest video project yet. The movie will be released online on April 15. On the other hand, the other Steve Jobs biopic, the Ashton Kutcher led jOBS, had its release pushed back because the producers felt they needed more time create the appropriate marketing campaign for the movie.

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