Reports online of Macbook/Macbook Pro Leopard Keyboard problems

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According to Apple Insider some Macbook and Macbook Pro users have been plagued with a keyboard problem since upgrading to Leopard. The problem causes the keyboard to simply become unresponsive at random intervals, while the trackpad and/or mouse (if you have one connected) continue to function normally.

I’ve had Leopard on a Macbook Pro for a while now, and I haven’t had this problem yet, but apparently it can affect any Intel based Macbook or Macbook Pro regardless of age.

Has this happened to you? If so, do you have any ideas on how to fix it?

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109 thoughts on “Reports online of Macbook/Macbook Pro Leopard Keyboard problems

  1. Since I did a software update last week on snow leopard, I’ve had major issues and it’s beginning to become a serious problem. The keyboard either doesn’t pick up every stroke, or it completely freezes or selects a key and repeats it forever. Similar issues with the track pad: either it ceases to function completely or loses one directional function, so either it tracks up and down, or left and right. Rebooting only delays the re-onset by a little while… help!

  2. i bought a macbook pro from 3 month i cleaned with compressed gaz duster and after that i founfd the minimize windows become so slowly and all letter are capital even if the capss lock is turned off 🙁 am very sad because it’s new one,,i dont know what’s this,,even if i want to reinstall the mac os i cant cause he request the admin password and the number didn’t appear from the capital letter,, if someone has a information plz guide me 🙁

  3. Same problem here, with a macbook pro. Both trackpad and keyboard freeze randomly, sometimes just the trackpad or viceversa. Very frustrating. What it’s more annoying, i went to apple care several times, last week they installed the latest 10.6.3,,,,,,,,and here we are again we the same old problem.
    I am becoming to thing that my friends were right and i was wrong when defending the “great apple mac”…what a joke

  4. wtf apple, come on, i mean this shit has been going on now for quite some time right?

    the first comment on this particular board is from 2007, its mid 2010 now, jesus get a grip apple.

  5. Same problem on a Macbook Air running Snow Leopard. Very frustrating! The laptop is just out of order now. It is impossible to use it. Please DO something!

  6. I’m typing this very quickly to avoid the sudden dysfunction that has been happening at least 5 times today. I had to restart my 3 weeks old iMAC 5 times today just to get the keyboard function again but it stopped working again and again *MAD FRUSTRATED!!!!!!*
    The battery is 100% though. I’ve read here — “Avoid putting metal objects between the device and the Mac.”
    Well I’ve put away ANY metal objects and same thing still happen. HELP

  7. Hi,

    I’m experiencing a similar problem with a brand new macbook pro 13”. Sometimes, when waking it up, the keyboard is unresponsive, while the trackpad continues to work just fine. I have NO idea whatsoever what the reason might be, only that restarting it solves the problem.

  8. Have new 15″ MacBook Pro OX 10.6.7 and having same freezing keyboard problem. First thought it was something I was doing until I read about many others with same problem. Restarting solves it temporarily, but sooner or later it happens again. Anyone heard from Apple yet about addressing this irritating prob?

  9. Sorry but this is a virus and even if you reload the operating system the virus still loads. If you open the on screen keyboard you will see that the computer shows what key you type but does not type.Now this one old macbook for school work is useless.I have two mac computers on the top shelf in the closet.

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