Forget Roxio Crunch – Get Visual Hub for HALF the Price

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visual_hub.jpgI read a lot of blogs (especially Apple related ones), and everyone seems to be into promoting Roxio Crunch today. It’s great that Roxio Crunch exists. I’m sure it will be awesome for some people, but why on earth would you pay $49.95 (there is a limited time introductory price of $39.95 right now) when you can get Visual Hub for $24 bucks?

Visual Hub is probably my favorite, and most used, application on my Mac right now. It is a lighting fast video converter, and it can do just about anything you want. You can convert your video to AppleTV, iPod, PSP, DV, DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, or Flash. It’s significantly cheaper than Roxio’s product, AND you’re supporting indy developers when you buy it.

I haven’t used Roxio’s product yet, but if I can get a hold of a version, I’ll be happy to compare the two. I will be extremely surprised if anything can beat Visual Hub in terms of encoding time and quality.

Click Here to download Visual Hub

Now, one thing Crunch does that Visual Hub doesn’t is convert DVDs. I can see where that could be a selling point…I would like to throw out there, however, that you can convert DVDs to AppleTV without having to BUY ANYTHING by using Handbreak.

Click Here to download.

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3 thoughts on “Forget Roxio Crunch – Get Visual Hub for HALF the Price

  1. I bought VisualHub, awesome program, horrid app icon though, wheres Adam Betts when you need him.

  2. Craig: Handbrake’s good, yes, but it’s a DVD ripper, not a format converter. I can’t use Handbrake, for example, to format an AVI for my TiVo. VisualHub allows me to do that (and Crunch won’t).

    Michael: I think that VisualHub does not include a DVD ripper in order to skirt any issues that might come out of a DMCA filing or something along those lines. They might decide to put non-encrypted DVD ripping in there now that Crunch has it, but using Handbrake in conjunction with VisualHub hasn’t bothered me for the past year… I can’t imagine it will now. 馃槈

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