Ditch Your Douche-tooth for the Invisible Bluetooth Headset

Invisible Bluetooth Headset

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Remember wearing this? I don’t.


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I suppose there are very good reasons for a person to wear a Bluetooth headset, but if one constantly has that thing plugged in one’s ear, then it looks ridiculous. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have that in your ear all day long!

Now how about this?

Invisible Bluetooth Headset
This, I can imagine wearing for when it is necessary to have a Bluetooth headset.

Aptly called the Invisible Bluetooth Headset, this baby does not make you look like a douchebag silly and it does the job.

So I’m obviously not pro Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth speakers are another story, though). Why am I writing about one? Because Cult of Mac has the Invisible Bluetooth headset on sale for only $19.99 – as opposed to the original price of $90! – for the next week or so.

And, yes, for all my bias, I do acknowledge that this accessory can be useful.


  • Wireless hands free Bluetooth 3.0 connection
  • Touch screen interface to answer/end calls
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Comfort fit silicone ear cap
  • 30 foot operating distance
  • Up to 5 hours of talk time

It works with any Bluetooth-compatible phone, so your iPhone should do just fine with it.

Get the Invisible Bluetooth Headset here.

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