Craig Federighi, Apple’s Man of the #WWDC Hour Joins the Twitterverse

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I have a secret: I didn’t stay up to watch the livestream of WWDC or follow any live blogging coverage. I have a perfectly good excuse, but I won’t go there. (I live in the future, by the way, relative to North America.)

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From what I have heard, seen, and heard again when I woke up, though, yesterday’s WWDC was a resounding success, and while the announcements were definitely the focus of the keynote, there seems to be someone else we should be looking out for in the coming months and years.

So Tim Cook did the keynote, which is to be expected, but Phil Schiller was strikingly absent. Instead, Craig Federighi stole the show right under everyone’s noses.

Some quick facts about Craig Federighi:

  • He is the SVP of Software Engineering.
  • He first worked for Apple when the company bought Steve Jobs’ NeXT, but left in 1999.
  • He came back to Apple in 2009.
  • He replaced the (in)famous Scott Forstall in 2012.


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Some fun facts about Craig Federighi:

  • Tim Cook calls him Superman (at least he did during this year’s WWDC)
  • He’s got great hair (arguably, perhaps)
  • He’s got the kind of sense of humor which allows him to do the “metal/rock on” sign while announcing the new graphics processing system called Metal. He seems like the guy who’ll enjoy finding out how much C4 a Mac Pro can hold.
  • He recently joined Twitter: @craig_apple

While he is new to Twitter, his tweets are rather interesting, especially his first one:

And his second:

While I don’t think we’ll be seeing leaks from his Twitter account, if there’s one new person you want to follow on Twitter today, it’s Craig Federighi.

Learn more about him here.

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