3 New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads Now Online

vistawheet.jpgApple posted 3 new “Get a Mac” Ads late yesterday. Two of the new ads take shots at Vista, and the other showcases the “Mac Geniuses” at Apple Stores.

Choose a Vista – In Choose a Vista Mac and PC discuss how many different versions of Vista their are, and how confusing that cen be. This is probably my favorite of these three, but none of the 3 in this group are particularly spectacular.

Genius – PC tries to stump a Mac Genius…and of course, it doesn’t work.

Party is Over – Mac and PC talk about Vista, and how long it took to come out. Now, personally, I think people with currently delayed operating systems shouldn’t be talking about other companies and how they delayed their operating systems. I realize 5 years and 6 months are very different things, but still…

You can take a look at the ads here.

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