Contest – Win a Mac Mini, free hosting, and a Macbook Air

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It’s not often I write about contests that others are putting on, but this one from Macminicolo is just too cool.

The company describes themselves as a “colocation company that hosts Mac minis as dedicated servers”, and they’ve seen a lot of creative ways for Mac Minis to be used in this capacity – and they want to see more.

What would you do with a free remotely hosted Mac Mini to run your idea on? Would you start a new business, develop a web application, or just use it as your own personal media server? That’s what Macminicolo wants to know – and if they like your idea the best, you’ll win free hosting with their company including your own dedicated Mac Mini server for a year, and a Macbook Air to develop your project (unless of course you’re going to be doing some heavy graphics or video work – then you can use the Macbook Air to impress your friends, while you do the work on a faster computer).

You can check out the full details of the contest right here.

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5 thoughts on “Contest – Win a Mac Mini, free hosting, and a Macbook Air

  1. The MacBook -MacMini offer amazing possibilities in the educational environment. Send one in our direction!

  2. i have benn saving up for a mac for sometime now the air one but i cant semm to get enough money i really want one i will do anything for it!!!!!!please i want to win!!!

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