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Can My Apple Watch Help Improve My Fitness and Health?

Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple launched its first watch in 2015, and more than 10 million units were sold in the first year. This was another hot selling item that Apple had successfully added to its catalog. Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest smartwatch with breakthrough health innovations and advanced display.

The tech giant introduced its excellent device to help you monitor your health and attain your fitness goals. The article will tell you how you can use your Apple Watch to improve your fitness and health.

Losing Weight with Apple Watch You lose weight using Apple tech because it allows you to track your weight as you engage in a series of fitness steps. It has onscreen Activity Rings designed to track your activity levels throughout the day.

Further, the iPhone maker focuses on how the Activity Rings display the graphical metrics in order to help you better understand what you’re doing. You can download numerous apps to help track your weight loss progress based on the fitness type you’re interested in. These apps provide you with plenty of fitness data to enable you to study how much you have done and the impact it had on your weight loss goals.

This has helped it to dominate the fitness space globally.

  1. Blood Oxygen Monitoring with Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch has sensors at the back that helps to monitor blood oxygen. You’re healthy if your blood oxygen saturation ranges between 95 and 100%. A drop in the percentage of oxygen in the blood signals a serious health issue that requires immediate attention.

Apple uses algorithms to calculate your blood color, which indicates the amount of oxygen in the blood. Bright red indicates that the blood is well oxygenated while darker blood has less oxygen. Series 7 measures blood oxygen in percentage, ranging between 70 and 100.

The measurement is done when there is no movement, depending on your daily activity. You can track your blood oxygen during sleep by enabling the Track Sleep option in your Apple Watch and using the watch for Sleep Tracking purposes.

  1. Tracking Your Sleeping Patterns with Apple Watch

Sleep app is designed to work alongside your iPhone. Each of Apple’s mobile devices has a standard alarm system. However, Apple Watch does more by tracking your sleep pattern. It sets regular patterns for alerts such as when to sleep. It also sets up metrics that determine whether you should sleep more or less.

The Apple Watch is an indispensable tool for your health and wellness because it has a sleep, respiratory rate tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and ECGs. However, you must set the watch to Track Sleep mode to measure your blood oxygen during sleep. In other words, you must wear the watch at night and set it for Sleep Tracking purposes.

Apart from Apple Watch Series 7, the sleep tracking feature is also available in older models because it’s software-based and not hardware-based.

  1. Capture ECGs with Apple Watch

This is the measurement of the electrical activity of your heart. Doctors use ECG readings to diagnose your health conditions. You can capture your ECGs by placing your finger on your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. It will detect a sinus rhythm (normal) or an abnormal result that you can share with your doctor. It can detect atrial fibrillation at heart rates over 100 beats per minute.

While the clinical electrocardiograms your doctor does have 6-12 leads for more accuracy, the Apple Watch allows you to take an ECG as many times as you want and wherever you’re in approximately 30 seconds.

Features of Apple Watch Series 7

Apple released its Series 7 watch on October 15, 2021. The latest watch has a larger display, faster charging, and improved durability. Therefore this is a full-featured, high-end smartwatch.

The following are key Apple Watch features.


The Series 7 has adapted the earlier generations’ rounded, square look. Customers can choose either the 41mm or 45mm casing size based on their wrist sizes and preferences. However, these slightly larger casings can perfectly work with bands from the older generations. The latest series has more refinements, including softer, rounded edges, but it has retained a thickness of 10.7mm that Series 6 had. The watch weighs between 32 grams to 51.5 grams based on the casing material and size. Because of that, the Apple Watch Series 7 with stainless steel are heavier. This shows that the series 7 model is slightly heavier than the previous generations.

The Series 7 models have a black ceramic and crystal back. The back has 4 LED clusters and 4 photodiodes. These enable you to monitor your heart rate, ECGs, and blood oxygen.

The Digital Crown on the side of the watch is to help scroll and navigate. It’s furnished with haptic feedback that provides a precise, mechanical feel as you scroll through lists or control different elements of your Apple Watch. The Digital Crown is also important for the ECG app since it has a built-in electrode that works jointly with the rear sensors. Each Apple Watch model has a different Digital Crown look. All LTE models with LTE functionality have a Digital Crown with a red ring around them, while GPS-only models don’t have the red ring.

Further, you can use the Side Button to bring up the apps you frequently use, confirm Apple Pay purchases, access emergency services, etc.


The Series 7 smartwatches are made from aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. 

The aluminum models are inexpensive, made from 100% recycled 7000 series aluminum, and target customers with an active lifestyle. The stainless steel models are more expensive, heavier, durable, and ideal for everyday wear. The titanium models are durable, have a brushed finish, resist staining, are lighter in weight, and are more expensive. They have a darker, more matte finish than stainless steel models.

Series 7 models are 10% heavier than the previous series. Further, the 45mm model is heavier than the 41mm model of Series 7.  


The latest Apple Watch is available in four new aluminum colors, including Blue, Green, Starlight, and Midnight as well as the red shade that was available in Series 6. The stainless steel models have Gold, Silver, and Graphite shades. The Graphite one has a deep gray shade. The titanium models are in Space Black and natural color or gray silver.


The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch has a more robust geometry, is 50% thicker than previous models and is resistant to cracking. The aluminum model has Ion-X glass that protects its display, while sapphire crystal glass is used on stainless steel and titanium models. Sapphire crystal glass is a harder material, and models made from it are ideal for everyday wear because they’re more resistant to scratches compared to models with Ion-X glass.

Additionally, this latest model is IP6X dust-resistant making the Series 7 smartwatch a perfect choice for the desert and beach environment. They are also WR50 water resistant which means you can swim in a pool or ocean up to 50 meters while wearing it, thanks to adhesives and seals. While you can use your smartwatch during shallow-water activities, don’t use it during waterskiing, scuba diving, showering, or any activity with deep submersion and high-velocity water.

The Apple Watch’s speaker is its only point of ingress; however, it has been designed to expel water when you expose the watch to moisture using sound vibrations. It’s important to remember that the Apple warranty doesn’t include water damage, so be cautious when using your smartwatch in water.


The latest smartwatch series is designed with a W3 chip. The two variants are GPS (Wi-Fi only) and GPS + Cellular models (with a built-in LTE chip and connection to LTE without your iPhone). LTE connectivity is available from Series 3 and above. These smartwatches are untethered from the iPhone and don’t need a known Wi-Fi network for internet connection.

However, these smartwatches are not entirely free from iPhone because their battery capacity is not enough for use without a nearby iPhone. Also, LTE connectivity via a carrier needs an iPhone 6s or the latest and the Apple Watch in order to share the same cellular plan and carrier.

Battery & Charging 

A single charge can last 18 hours. The 45mm Series 7 smartwatch has a 1.189Wh battery, while the 41mm model has a 1.094Wh battery. These Apple Watches charge 33% faster than series 6. For instance, when you charge your smartwatch for 8 minutes, you can use it to track your sleep for 8 hours. This is because they have a new charging architecture, magnetic fast charger USB-C Cable, in addition to 18W or higher power adapter. However, users need a 20W and above power adapter to charge quickly with their magnetic fast charger USB-C cable; otherwise, they can use third-party fast chargers.

The “all-day” battery life from Apple Watch will support 90 notifications, 90-time checks, a 60-minute workout with music playback through Bluetooth, and 45 minutes of app use. The battery can last a shorter time depending on activities you’re engaging in, such as workouts or calls.


The Series 7 models have 32GB storage space for apps, podcasts, music, and much more.

Available Bands

Apple has several types of bands for its Apple Watch. They include solo loop, braided solo loop, leather link, sport loop, sport band, modern buckle, and Milanese loop.

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