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original apple watch

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The other day, some dude shelled out more than $25,000 to be the proud owner of two original iPhones in pristine condition. If you envied (or envy) him, you might be placated by buying an original Apple Watch instead.

Back in 1995, the company did make an Apple Watch. You might say it was ahead of its time, or you could say it just a piece of cr@p. You choose.

original apple watch

To be fair, I think it has a certain charm, although I think the sellers of the original Apple Watch are overdoing it with their descriptions:

It is clear that this is perhaps the most meticulously-designed piece of Apple memorabilia. From the gorgeous sheen of the blue on the face that has not aged a day to the watch hands themselves reflecting Apple’s quirky design habits, the quality of the timepiece is quite substantial considering its history — and frankly, the watch itself looks fantastic in a more modern generation where Apple has been going back to its roots of simplistic design.

I stand by my original statement: the original Apple Watch is quaintly charming.

  • There is a limited number available, and prices range from $99 to $129, depending on the condition of the watch:
    Condition Grade A: Flawless
    Condition Grade B: Almost Perfect
    Condition Grade C: Imperfect (with minor blemishes)

While the original Apple Watch’s features won’t be anywhere near what the upcoming smartwatch promises, the former is a good Christmas gift idea for an Apple fan, don’t you think? I certainly wouldn’t mind having one!

Get an original Apple Watch.


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4 thoughts on “Buy an Original Apple Watch from 1995

  1. Yeah this is a total piece of crap that was sold in the weird “Apple-branded odds and ends” store in the Apple HQ in Cupertino.

    When Steve Jobs came back he promptly shut down that store. It had things like t-shirts with the Apple logo, pens with the Apple logo, said watch with an Apple logo… these Apple logo trinkets were exclusive to that little store on campus, but the store was publicly accessible. E.g. if you were a hard-core Apple fan you could drive there and buy stuff.

    I was at Apple at the time and I always thought it was odd that the things in this store all looked like cheap chinese knock-offs. None of this stuff was nice. That’s why Jobs shut it down….

  2. It wasn’t a total piece of crap, but it wasn’t up to the standard of Apple product today – perhaps back then it was. Think I’ll hang on to mine if they’re appreciating!

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