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news apps for Apple TV

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Without a doubt, the Apple TV 4K is miles ahead of its predecessors. The inclusion of the App Store starting from the 4th generation is arguably one of its best features. Now that apps are just a download away, it’ll be easy to get your news fix using your Apple TV. Below are some of the best news apps that are available for Apple TV.

CBS News

CBS News gives you up-to-date clips about whatever is going on in the news. Whether you want to catch up on politics or entertainment, CBS News is your go-to app. In addition to short clips on a particular subject, there is also a live stream feature available. The live stream is usually anchored, but it also shows a live stream of campaign events. The live feed features a few commercials, but it’s worth it considering that the app is free.

Haystack TV

Unlike the other news apps that made the list, Haystack TV delivers the news in a slightly different way. Rather than having live streams of single news outlets, Haystack TV curates news clips from different sources based on the topics you choose. After you’ve established the kind of news you want to see, Haystack TV will choose the appropriate pieces for you. The videos start playing automatically, but you can skip through clips so you can move on quickly.

Sky News

Sky News is an easy pick for this list. If you’ve used the Sky News app on your iPad, iPhone, or older generation Apple TV, you’ll immediately feel right at home using the Sky News app on the new Apple TV. The app lets you choose the kind of news you’re interested in. You can opt to watch Sky News’s live stream, which is available in HD. Plus, Sky News’ live stream is a great option for international headlines.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV might seem like an odd choice for a news app. After all, it’s not primarily known for news. However, Pluto TV gives you access to several news “channels,” giving you a number of newsfeeds to choose from. This includes Sky News, Newsmax TV,  Newsy, Wochit, RT America, Business News 24/7, The Young Turks, NBC News, and more. Pluto TV has one of the widest scopes of news channels. This app truly seeks to replace cable so when it comes to keeping up with the news, it does a pretty good job.

NBC News

If you want to have access to MSNBC so you can listen to live audio, considering downloading the NBC News app. It works as the main app for NBC Universal’s news channel. What makes this one great is that the newsfeed is divided into categories. Hence, you can choose to just watch the news about politics or maybe just international news. This feature makes it easier for viewers to navigate through all the noise and focus on just one category at a time.

CNN News

As one of the most famous free news networks in America, CNN News also has an app for Apple TV, of course. Aside from news in the US, viewers can also get access to world news 24/7 and in HD, too. In addition, you can also watch exclusive programs in this app, including Anderson Cooper 360 and Anthony Bourdain.

ABC News

Aside from general news, you also get daily shows and entertainment if you download ABC News on your Apple TV. You can watch daily shows like World News America and Nightline through this app. This app is a must for news lovers and for people who want to be constantly up-to-date with everything that’s happening around the globe.


Of course, if you’re into business news, you can’t pass up on downloading Bloomberg on your Apple TV. After all, it’s considered one of the best business news sites in the world. Anything related to business, you can watch Bloomberg and be updated on the news. The topics range from finance to technology. In addition, you can also watch interviews with business giants like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in the Bloomberg app.

There are other great news apps available in the Apple TV’s App Store as well. What are some of your favorites? What apps do you use to keep up with current events? What would you like the news app developers to improve on? Let us know in the comments below.

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First published in March 2016; updated September 2021

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  1. The Reuters app is my current preference. You can set it to US or International (in settings). There is plenty of international coverage in the US setting. Choose 10, 15, or 30 minutes of 2-4 minute curated news bits, with 20 second commercials tossed in ever second or third story.

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