Balmuda’s “Floater” stand for Macbooks and Macbook Pros


Balmuda is a design company that hand makes their products. This extremely cool “Floater” stand for the Macbook line looks really great, and would make a nice way to use your Macbook as your desktop computer as well…the only problem?

Well, remember when I said it was hand made? Yeah….that means it costs about $305 bucks to get one.

I’d really like to have one of these but $300 + for a stand is a little too rich for my blood…but if you can afford it, and want an interesting looking stand for your Macbook or Macbook Pro, you can click here to find out how to order.




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  1. My Macbook Pro runs hotter than a muthatrucka when it is OPEN. I can’t see how it would be able to properly cool itself if it were used closed for long periods of time, especially with the heat-intensive activity of driving a large display.

  2. Not to be a party pooper, but, don’t you have to lift the laptop out of the stand, open it up, turn it on, close the lid, let it fall asleep, place it back in the stand, then wake the laptop back up each time? All while having all your stuff plugged in? Seems kind of inconvenient.