Apple Tree Hugging – Greenpeace Gives Apple 4-Star Rating

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It used to be that Apple was frequently chastised for building electronics that were harmful to the environment for all sorts of reasons. Then one day, someone in Cupertino woke up and said, “We’re all a bunch of hippies here, right? Why not help our planet instead of hurting it?” That’s when the process changed a bit.

Since then, Apple has started their own Apple and the Environment website, listing all the ways they perform well for the environment. Granted, not everything is perfect, but they’re on the way up, which is a good thing to be sure.

On that same note, Greenpeace, a company that used to picket Apple, has just released their Guide to Greener Electronics and Apple has shot up to 5th place, a substantial improvement from 11th a few years ago. It may not sound like much, but it’s tough to make green electronics, and the fact that Apple is striving to help out is a step in the right direction.

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